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Integrated MP3 player sunglasses, cool look and one on his nose, than the future soldier is also pulledOakley Thumps Sun glasses。 Melitta ME1MSB Smart Mill and Brew Coffee MakerFor some people, can live without TV, radio, or even not computer and refrigerator, but absolutely cannot live without a convenient coffee machine. Melitta ME1MSB is a smart enough coffee machine, as long as the coffee powder into the ground, filled with water, and then follow your favorite flavor choices manufacturers have long been programmed cooking mode OK. Match silver black exterior blue LCD display, it's science fiction.LG Refrigerator with TV and refrigerator Info CenterLook know the extraordinary character of the fridge, features not only frozen video. Panel Shang mosaic this 15 inches of LCD TV, support HD mode, and it just TV, also is a information center, dang you early in the up, sat in restaurant in eat breakfast of when, without holding with newspaper has, face refrigerator on can know world thing, way also can let refrigerator told you today the to it of "belly" in added some what food……Black and Decker FireStorm Cordless drillMen like to do some DIY at home, for tool selection very carefully, good quality, looks cool, and holding a pole of cool to drill, more men's double heroic and sexy, water electric and uniform means of seduction. Black and Decker FireStorm Cordless drill, how to look like a Hip Hop sound equipment, street flavor, and hard to resist.Burton Audex jacketAlthough it looks very casual, but seems to be not very eye-catching … … But note the cuff, do you see some buttons? Yes, this is an integrated iPod interface and the handling of the jacket, put it on and felt like astronauts in Star Trek.The Combo Watch multifunction watch Christmas plays are not afraid of the snow PrincessMany watch brands in the world, many of which are expensive and cost you tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of, or even millions of and is nothing but a can tell you about the time purchased tens of millions of little things, its extension up to is to tell people I'm TMD is so rich … … And it watches the price is not high, in addition to accurately tell you the time, but also has useful features such as phone book, calendar, Notepad, "raise your hand" between more conveniently.Garmin Forerunner more than 305 multi-function watchIf you feel that the rustic appearance of the watch, so to recommend you this Gaumin Forerunner 305. Sleek and silver, black and red color, typical of the style in the future. It functions well, smart watch can do, it can, in addition to one of the best is the GPS satellite navigation! But the price is not cheap, currently offer is $324.60 in New York. Sony GPS-CS1 pendant-GPS NavigatorSays GPS, car travel, more and more people nowadays, in a strange city, without the assistance of GPS, it is difficult, wasting gas, don't tell, let the mood took a nose dive! What if walking holiday? There is a portable GPS, would it not be more convenient? You recommend this cool GPS Navigator, you can hang it on a belt, backpack, as long as you like, wear necklaces too much.Xtreme Mac SportWrap for iPod Player AccessoriesLike the iPod touch? But I can't use it to listen to music? Yes, if you fell out of his pocket just miserable, lying in the hands of "drowning" in sweat … … So try third-party vendors offer this iPod touch accessories-arm bands, which can put it on your wrist or shoulder, good, cool! Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin player accessoriesThen recommend to you an iPod accessory. It looks like a black football and want to Led Zeppelin during World War II. Large airship is the primary extension equipment and speakers, small airship is a remote control, the overall housing completely made of solid fiberglass manufacturing, a small conical speakers 100 watt super bass power can be released! Christmas plays are not afraid of the snow Princess.svbxs dl{margin:12px;min-height:336px}Sportsman's watch iPod freezer equipment 10 multifunctional coffee machine price