Wrist charm Totem celebrate the year of the snake

In the Chinese 12 animals is a phase, snake ranks sixth. The snake who was born, has a mysterious, sensitive, restrained, elegant gift. Conventional wisdom holds that China: House of the snake will bring home to enjoy limitless wealth. Featured four snake theme watches for you, let the dial on refined charm snake totem with you to celebrate the year of the snake.Alt Wrist charm Totem celebrate the year of the snakeAlt Wrist charm Totem celebrate the year of the snakeVacheron Constantin Memorial snake Zodiac watchesVacheron Constantin "12 Chinese zodiac legend" watches the snake, leaf pattern on the dial, from traditional Chinese images and etching directly on the metal form. Patterns using embedded design, through a multiple relief stage, slowly rising from the Golden grass-roots, create an attractive sense of deep, rose leaves Alice detailed like a float on the dial.Alt Wrist charm Totem celebrate the year of the snakeBulgari Serpenti Watch series Central character to bolster their own grade ofIn Chinese history and culture, snake has a strong vitality, is regarded by many tribal totem, always has a very prominent position. Bulgari to meandering smart-Serpenti watch pays homage to traditional Chinese snake, a symbol of good luck and a happy Ruby with the perfect blend of rose gold color, diamond under bright light decorations show elegant. Watch exquisite workmanship, modern style. Bangle natural extension into casing, like a snake head, on which key inlays of diamonds and rubies, staggered with rose gold brilliance, even more elegant. Central character to bolster their own grade ofRichard Mille Tourbillon jewelry watchesAlthough many Richard Mille watches has always been distinctive shape, but so splendid RM 026 design is rare. Table shell, and table circle, and table ring and the table shell bottom are mosaic has gem, dial is more note, a eye looked to, a article set full Ruby, and diamond of 18K Platinum snake and a article spit with red coral Nobuko, and with Emerald and diamond set into of 18K Platinum snake mutual winding, and shuttle Yu movement the precision mechanical parts Zhijian, eventually coiled in distinguished Tourbillon flywheel movement "skeleton" on. Closer scrutiny, with the hands and Tourbillon, had double winding snake twisted feeling. This ingenuity brought about by the Visual beauty is truly commendable, and simple stuffing materials, RM 026 finished an excellent idea, the confusion between, jewel's delicate sense of perfect fusion of luxury and design, artistic to the extreme of the high jewellery watches.Chopard L.U.C XP snake grow painted watchesIf we need to use one word to sum up Chopard L.U.C XP painted snake grow what's essence: "Japan lacquer and Switzerland top the perfect fusion of watchmaking" is undoubtedly the most vivid answer. The watch dial is in full bloom with an exotic flower, with traditional hand-drawn, a snake coiled around, which is what Chopin for the Chinese Lunar snake along another classic..svbxs dl{margin:12px;min-height:336px}Watches Bulgari Vacheron Constantin Ruby charm snake totem dial diamonds