PS4 dark horse published new notice to launch the unmanned deep space

Paris games week in size than the three famous game show, but many intriguing content. In this event, popular dark horse of the unmanned deep space of the new trailer release, we finally saw the release date of the game. iPhone 6 cases hello kittyAlt PS4 dark horse published new notice to launch the unmanned deep space  The unmanned deep space is a new PS4 • exclusive IP, since its launch, with its unique creative concern. In-game universe is generated by complex algorithms, so wild, map range close to infinite. Player free to explore in the universe, and can also take part in the fierce battle. Seamless switching between the spaceships in the universe and the Earth's surface has been talking. hello kitty iPhone cases  Because the game is too big, many players are more worried about the game except for the generation of content is no more. Judging from the latest trailer, the unmanned deep space there are many details, both huge mothership and the Observatory, robots on the planet, is reflected.  Video is available, players saw the most information of interest: this will go on sale June 2016, look forward to it.[Article correction]Collection is the collection of 1542Alt iPhone 6 cases hello kittyTags: games Science and technologyIf you need to reprint, you want the E-Mail authorization. annotated "source Yu Weifeng network", an unauthorized reprint, lost chapter reprinted, and this website will be held accountable by law! E-Mail: